Hi everyone today I want to talk about how you can start a business while you're still in school. The lessons will apply to anyone even if you're not still in school but I really want to target those students you're in university you're in high school you're interested in entrepreneurship you want to get started with business. Let me give you the tips on how to do that today's is all about figuring out what idea you need to actually start growing a business.


Step one is you need to find a problem to solve businesses aren't going to succeed if you're not solving a problem if you're not providing value to someone, a lot of people ask me so what exactly is the problem that OEE is trying to solve and what I always tell them is OEE is trying to sell the problem of people who have you know great ideas who are very ambitious and motivated but don't know how to apply themselves in a way that's gonna have value to the world, that's the problem we're trying to solve we're trying to help people with ambition turn it into action.


When you're studying a business it's important that you find a really big unaddressed problem out there and you can start tapping away at that, an if this is your first business it's okay to start small it might even be something as simple as people at school never seem to have the supplies they need great. You know buy the supplies wholesale seldom retail sort of dabble your feet in the business world a little bit but you want to build up so I'm gonna give you three steps to get started figuring out the problem that you want to solve and I'm also going to include a free resource that you can access as part of this video as well


So step number one in figuring out a problem to solve is you want to make sure that whatever problem you're solving is a problem that you know you can solve now or is a problem that you are gonna be able to develop the skills to solve. So this really means anything, but if you're someone and you're like no I'm not willing to put in the work to you know figure out how to build rockets, then you have a problem that you want to solve probably shouldn't be traveling to Mars. If school is your number one priority then the problem you're trying to solve should probably not be a major problem and that's gonna take you 120 hours a week so that's number one you need to make sure whatever you're tryin to solve is something you can actually solve.


Step number two is you need to figure out if this is a problem that has existing solutions and if it has existing solutions what are the power of thems with those solutions how can you break into that market why you know are the solutions that exist working why they're not working you need to think about these things you need to about how are you actually gonna fit in to the landscape of the market dealing with your problem.


And last step is you need to figure out how exactly you're gonna make sure that people are going to pick your solution to the problem because ultimately you can have the best solution to the problem in the world but if nobody knows who you are it doesn't matter it doesn't matter that you have that solution


So those are the three steps can you solve it what else is out there and how are people going to know once you've answered those questions you can move into stage two which is getting ready to launch see you.

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